January 5, 2012

Gnarled Oak Cardigan

When I first found out on Alana Dakos blog that she was co-writing a pattern book with Hannah Fettig called Coastal Knits, I was so excited. I've knitted patterns written by both of these ladies and met Alana last year at Stitches West. So of course I pre-ordered Coastal Knits. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out on Ravelry and then order the book. Lots of really cute patterns for sweaters and accessories.

Two of the sweaters that I really fell in love with were Wildflower Cardigan and Gnarled Oak Cardigan both by Alana Dakos. I was trying to pick between these two cardigans for a sweater to try and knit for Stitches West this year. I finally decided on Gnarled Oak because it has longer sleeves, not that I couldn't have made the ones on Wildflower longer.

I love this sweater. It's a bottom up, seamless pattern with lots of stockinette so I'm hoping that I will be able to finish it in time for Stitches. I ordered 7 skeins of MadelineTosh, Tosh DK in Filigree to make this sweater. This is going to be the most expensive sweater I've ever knit. Tosh DK isn't cheap. But I do love the color, Filigree, that I chose. It's green with brown accents. I'm thinking it's going to be perfect for this pattern. But of course, I have to wait until the yarn gets here before I decide if it's going to work.

Normally I order all my yarn either from Knitpicks or from Jimmy Beans Wool. I always get good, fast service from both of these companies. But I placed my order with Webs this time. I've never ordered from them before but they had enough skeins of Tosh DK in Filigree and Jimmy Beans didn't. I ordered it over the weekend, so I guess I'm going to have to wait a while before it arrives. I've gotten so spoiled with having Jimmy Beans so close that I get things almost next day. I hate waiting for yarn to come in the mail. I guess this is where I learn some patients.

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