August 21, 2011

When People Move On...

It’s funny how life works. Ya hate your job, your coworkers piss you off, your boss sucks, customers are rude…but in the end you find yourself making personal relationships with people. My job is a pressure cooker on its worst days and just crazy on its best days. I’ve been here a little over 3 years. I’d guess that most of those 3 years have been pretty awful as jobs go.

But the time has come for one of my coworkers to move on and I’m realizing that I’m really going to miss my friend. I came home from work one night last week really upset. It was a combination of pressure from a friend about ancient history, pressure from my boss and the realization that my work buddy is leaving. I actually got choked up about it when I was talking to Hubbs about it. I’m pretty sure that poor Hubbs was confused as to why I was upset.

My buddy, Lu, is my rock. She’s the one that pulls me away from my computer when I’m going nuts. She’s the one that makes sure I eat lunch in a timely manner. She’s the one that I vent to. She’s the one that offers me advice and talks me down when I’m thinking about doing someone in due to stupidity.

So to Lu, I raise my company approved water bottle and toast…may your new job be calm and relaxed. May you advance in your career. May you find yourself surrounded by people as wonderful as you. But most of all I wish you all the happiness in the world. I’m going to miss you greatly.

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