August 24, 2011

Something Almost Done and Something Begun

I finished knitting my Laar the other day and I ordered Almost Ovals by Anne Hanson but due to something or other with Hubbs Paypal account I wasn't able to get the pattern right away. I've been feeling really unproductive with everything lately and knitting seems to be only thing that I can get anything done so I decided to start on Waiting for Spring Sweater.

Wait, wait, wait...Laar isn't done but it is blocking. I just need buttons. Hancocks Fabrics has buttons on sale until the end of the month for 30% off. I didn't receive my sales flyer from Joanns so I'll stop in there before I head up to Hancocks to see if they have buttons on sale. Joanns is 15 minuets from my house and Hancocks is about 45 and not in the best area of Sacramento, so I always check Joanns first. Especially since I need like 15 1/2" buttons, it's worth driving to where the sale is.

Back to Waiting for Spring...

© SeeSuzSew

© SeeSuzSew

I picked up some Lion Brand Wool Ease Worsted on the cheap to start this sweater. Going from US 6 and lace weight yarn to size 9 and worsted weight make it seem like I'm working with rope and small trees to knit this sweater. But since it's mostly stockinette and knitted from the bottom up, it knits up quickly. However, I've run into a problem with it. I posted my question to the designer and hope to hear back quickly from her since I'm almost done with the body of the sweater. I'm planning on knitting the sleeves in the round, assuming that I have the right size DPNs.

I'm pretty sure that where I went wrong with with the arm hole shaping. I think I was supposed to do the shaping on both the back and front flaps and I only did it on the back. I assumed that when I put the front stitches on the holder that the armhole shaping for the front would happen at another place in the pattern. Honestly, even if I do the math that the pattern calls for for armhole shaping for the back I still have 19 stitches not 17 like the pattern calls for. Hopefully the designer gets back to me soon. I'm really looking forward to finishing this sweater.

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Thimbleanna said...

You're amazing -- you're such a speedy knitter! I can't wait to see Laar!