August 9, 2011

In addition to driving stock cars, Hubbs and I to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Ca while I was off of work. We've been wanting to go for a long time so we made a day of it and went over. It's a couple of hours from Sacramento to San Jose and we had to cross the Altamont Pass which I hate because it's know for it's high winds and of course the traffic in the bay area is terrible but it so awesome to finally go.

The house is beautiful both inside and out. They don't allow pictures on the inside so you'll have to take my word for it, but it was awesome.

Hubbs in front of the house...

Both of us in front...

Hubbs has deer hunting on the brain right now so of course he wanted his picture with the deer statue.

The house was really crazy. There was the door to no where, stairs that went into the ceiling and doors that went into the wall. Clearly Mrs. Winchester was a bit off her rocker.

We both loved the tour. I'd been once before when I was a kid so it really was like seeing the house for the first time again. Hubbs had never been so it was really exciting for him. He's fun to go places with because he's never afraid to ask the tour guide questions. You learn a lot when you travel with Hubbs.

I caught a cold and was not feeling really well during our trip to San Jose. Our tour was at 10am and by 12:30 we were eating lunch. We hit San Jose Harley Davidson before heading home for the day. We got home early and I was able to get a nap (which became a theme for my time off). But it was a good trip and we had a lot of fun.

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