December 8, 2009

Hubbs and I decided to take an extra day off yesterday and headed up to the first snow of the season. We had a major storm roll in on Sunday and the area has been totally blanketed in snow. We had a few fat flakes here at our house that stuck for a while but is wasn't substantial. We're at about 23 feet above sea level here so we knew it wasn't going to be much. But it was enough for us to decide to play hooky from work and head for the mountains. This is the road in front of our friends house in Shingle Springs. Their house looked like a Christmas cottage with all the snow. I almost expected Mrs. Claus to greet me at the door with cookies and cocoa.
Winter Wonderland but there were trees down all over the place. There was so much snow in so short a time that it cracked huge trees, sending limbs and whole trees all over the place.

So pretty.

On the Second dam. The snow was just powder and up to my knees.

In my brand new jacket that we just bought on Saturday on a whim. Thank goodness we did, it was perfect.

Hubbs had a great time.

Nick found a huge mud hole under all that snow. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive.

A bunch of rigs all lined up to help recover a vehicle that went off the road, rolled twice and landed (on its wheels) at the bottom of a 40 foot ravine.

Some blue sky that last for a bout 5 min's before it started to dump more snow on us.

Our rig.

I convinced Hubbs to shake a tree he was standing under. It resulted in a huge "avalanche" of snow off the tree that coated Hubbs and left him with a white goatee. It was too funny. I couldn't believe he went for it. I have to thank Nick for his participation in egging Hubbs to shake the tree. I don't think he would have done it if it had just been me.

Huge granite bolders covered in snow.

The sun setting behind a very snow tree.

It was a really great day. Totally worth staying home from work for. Tonight we're headed off to the Metallica concert. It's my first rock concert and I'm so excited for it. I just need to get in a nap this morning and then run some errands before Hubbs gets home at 4pm.

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