March 8, 2012

New York Cardigan...One Last Time...

Last pictures I swear of New York Cardigan, I swear...Unless I'm wearing it for something else other then to pose in it.
I love it!!! Perfect length. Perfect color with my "new" red hair. It turned out soooo great! This was a fabulous pattern that was really fun to knit...even if I did knit it twice.

I knit the body of this (the whole thing) and then tried it on and realized it was way, way too big. It was so big I think that Hubbs and I could have worn this at the same time. So I frogged it and went down a needle size and ended up making something between the extra small and the small in the top. And then I did some extra waist shaping to make the lace portion in the extra small. It was all luck that this ended up so perfect.

I'm still working on Lustro Cardigan. I finished the back and have started on the right front. I've worked up to and started the cabled portion of it. I'm looking forward to finishing this because I really need a black cardigan.

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