July 1, 2011

I like goals. It's fact. I like lists and things I can check off. I like planning ahead. I want to know what's next. Now that my Couch to 5k training is coming to a close, I figured that I should be looking forward to what's next. It's true that I'm already planning my 10k training but I need something more. 10k training can proceed at my own pace with time off for injury or laziness or heatwaves.

I've had my eye on a 5k for a few weeks now. It's not until September 11 but that's plenty of time to get training runs in and work on my speed. Gotta beat that PR of 33:43 from the 5k Foot Pursuit on June 18th. Today I decided to go ahead and commit myself to the September 11th Memorial 5k Run. I've paid my price of admission and I'm in.

This race benefits the Sacramento Area Firefighters Widows and Orphans Fund, The Sacramento Police Widows' and Orphans' Aid Association and the Star 6 Foundation. All really good causes. From the description on the home page of the race, it sounds like it's going to be a huge race. They're planning on handing out flags to each running as they cross the finish line to be planted in the lawn to represent the 3000 people who died during 9/11.

The course is described as flat and fast but honestly, looking at the course map I can already tell you it's not flat. Part of the route is the same as the 5k Foot Pursuit. Between miles 2 and 3 is that same long up hill section that had most of mile 1 from Foot Pursuit. I know that I'm going to be doing some hill training before this race. Now if only I knew where to find some hills.

Besides train, the only thing I can do now is pray for cooler weather in September. It can still be pretty hot around here in September. But this year our weather has been so strange, as evidenced by the rain from last Tuesday (in June!). So I'm hoping that it will be cooler, especially since the race doesn't start until 9:11am which is kinda a late start time.

I'm looking forward to this race and hopefully beating my PR from last race.

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