July 11, 2011

Monday has not gotten off to a bang like I had hoped. I always have high hopes for Monday mornings and they never pan out…I’m sure that part of that is that my day is always ruined by the fact that I have to go to a job that I’m miserable at. Stupid job. When are my lottery winnings going to come in?!?!!!! ;) I also forgot my date book this morning when I left for work and it’s driving me crazy. I depend on that little black book so much. I keep thinking of 101 things that I need to take care of an I have nowhere to write them down so they don’t get lost! How’s a girl supposed to organize her life without her date book?!?

My Hubbs is a lucky man. He always is winning stuff in contests or getting great deals on things…not to mention that he married me. ;) I really need to get him to start buying lottery tickets when the jackpot is a big one. We really could use some money right now and a bit of good luck. My washing machine has been making a terrible racket for a while now when it runs the spins cycle. I finally made an appointment a couple of weeks ago to get it looked at and on
Saturday the repair guys came to look at it. They were there for about 2 minutes and they knew it was going to be a hefty bill. The estimate was over $800 to fix it. They recommended that we just buy a new machine since they cost about that anyway.

Ugh. How do you pick out a new washing machine?! I called my mom, mom’s know everything. She suggested I decide if I want a top loader or front and which features I want. I have a front loader now and they’re more efficient then the top loaders so I think that I’m going to get another front loader. Mostly I want a high capacity washer. Hubbs work clothes can make a big load and its sometimes pretty dirty and muddy. Otherwise, I just want a delicate cycle for my girly under things and my running clothes. Beyond that, I don’t really care if it has steam or whatever. I don’t do dry cleaning so I don’t think I need to “refresh” my clothes. I just wash them.

So that was the big excitement for my weekend. Other then that I didn’t do much. I finished knitting a pair of socks for my Gram. Pictures to follow soon. Did some grocery shopping. Did the laundry (washed, still need to fold it and last week’s too).

I didn’t run a single step over the weekend either. I slept late both days. I intended on getting up when Hubbs got up on Sunday (6am, he had to work) but I never heard the alarm and barely woke up enough to kiss him when he left…and immediately fell back asleep until almost 8am. Lazy. So lazy. But that’s ok, it’s supposed to be much cooler this week then last so I should be able to run after work. It’s going to be in the mid-80’s, which is so much better than the 100+ we had last week.

I’m seriously considering talking to my boss about switching my normal schedule of 7:30am to 4pm to be able to work 8:30am to 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can run in the morning before work. Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I actually like running in the morning. It’s cooler and gets my day off to a good start. I’m more awake at work in the mornings…notice I said in the mornings. Afternoons are a bit more sleepy but that’s ok. I talked to Hubbs about it and he isn’t thrilled about it because I won’t be home until later in the evening but he said he was ok with it. The only way I’m going to agree to this is if my boss agrees to let me go back to 7:30am to 4pm when the weather cools off and I don’t need to run in the morning anymore. I hate missing a run because it’s still too hot to run at 7pm. Maybe I’ll try to talk to my boss today about it. Who knows, maybe she won’t agree to it since it’ll make for a weird schedule for me. I don’t know, we’ll see I guess.

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