September 26, 2010

Since the Butter Cream Jacket is blocking and I'm working on the collar for Nora's Sweater, I thought I'd show off my Featherweight Cardigan that I finished a few weeks ago. Honestly, I'm surprised at how warm and comfortable this sweater is. I thought that a lace weight yarn would not be warm but I wore this to a baseball game a couple of weeks ago and even though the night was on the chilly side, I was very comfortable. Even Hubbs was surprised that I never opped to switch to a heavier sweater that I brought with me.


Raglan Increases

Pattern: Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Needles: Size 4 Knitpicks Harmony Wood Circulars
Yarn: Knitpicks Shadow Kettle Dyed in Grasshopper

The sleeves come to just above my elbow. I did the increases as instructed and then did the cuff. I knew I wanted short sleeves, not 3/4 or long sleeves so I figured I would just give it a shot and see how they came out. I really like the length because I'm not pushing them up above my elbow and I'm not trying to pull them down. I really love this sweater. And for once it's not a neutral color!

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Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, it's beautiful Lisa! Congratulations on a wonderful finish!