September 7, 2010

More finished reading...again....
I started and finished The Dead and The Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer over the weekend. Thank goodness for long weekends...I got to spend three days doing nothing but reading and knitting. I have two finished items blocking currently, a third item that is in pieces but needs to be blocked and a fourth item that I finished the back and one of the front pieces. It was very relaxing but I desperately need to get my tail in gear and do some house work now. It looks like no one has done any kind of cleaning at my house in a couple of weeks...and that would be about the truth of it. I did clean up the kitchen and the laundry room and I did manage to find the coffee table but that's about it. All my house plants are in a very sad state and need some attention very badly but I just can't seem to find my ability to give a flying...well you get the idea.

So back to the book. I read the first book in this series, Life As We Knew it and I really loved it. But this one left me hanging at the end. The whole time I was waiting for the Mom to show up and help the kids but she never did. There was also no resolution at the end. It never tells you if they actually made it out of the city...not the best ending but most certainly not the worst I've ever read.

I requested the third book in the series from the Library this morning, The World We Live in. It seems to be a continuation of the first book while the second book was about new characters. Since these books are aimed at young teen readers, they are a very fast read.

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