September 9, 2010

Actual Knitting Content...

Lately my knitting blog has turned into a book blog but I have been I don't have actual proof. But I have been. I cast on for the Buttercream Jacket from the Summer 2010 edition of Interweave Knits. I'm using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in Brown Heather. I picked up three skeins of this yarn a while back intending to use it for another pattern but I ended up hating that pattern and switching to this one. It's a waffle stitch pattern in a raglan style but the sleeves are set in. So weird to finish off the fronts by coming to a point at the top with only two stitches. I'm calling my version Coffee with Cream instead of Buttercream since my is a brown that looks kinda like coffee with some cream in it. Inventive, I know. lol

(pictures from Interweave Knits)

(Picture from Interweave knits)

I love the collar with the little interesting cable on it. I think this little detail is what made me want to knit this pattern. My Thermal is currently blocking (finally) and it's a similar waffle type of pattern so the Buttercream Jacket isn't much of a departure for me, it's pretty mindless for the most part as long as I keep track of the decreases and the increases when necessary.
I had knitted up the back and part of the front when I realized that even though I had swatched my gauge was off and it was going to be way small. I let it sit for a couple of days before I tried to decided what I was going to do. I finally, with Hubbs help, frogged the whole thing and started over. Hubbs got a real kick out of frogging the back section since I undid the bound off stitches and then hooked it up to the ball winder while he held on to it and then just wound it right off. We were both cracking up because it looked like a cartoon where someone is knitting and they end up knitting directly from the sheep and the wool just zips off of it.
I ended up going up a needle size from 4 & 5 to 5 & 6. I didn't bother to swatch it again even though I should have. I'm just going to let it go and hope for the best. Using the 4 & 5 I could have made it work but I wasn't liking how stretched out it would have to be to make the blocked dimensions. If it turns out a bit big that's OK, at least you can wear it. Too small is a whole other story.

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