September 2, 2010

More finished reading... Last night I finished The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. It wasn't heavy reading or deeply intellectual but it was a good mystery. The Thirteenth Tale is about a woman that gets an offer from a famous writer to write her autobiography. The story was good with lots of twists and turns but I didn't like that some of the characters had such similar names that I couldn't keep track of which one was which in the story. I also found the characters of Adaline and Emmaline to not be developed enough for me to be able to figure out which was which at times. Over all, I enjoyed it and would consider reading more by this author.

I started and finished this book over the course of my breaks at work yesterday. Again, this was very light reading but a good beginning to what seems like it will be an interesting story. The Walk is the story of a man that over the course of about 6 weeks loses his wife in an accident, has his business stolen from him by a trusted partner and then has his home foreclosed on. He decides to leave it all behind and walk from Seattle to Key West. I liked the idea and the story flowed nicely but my one complaint is that it was more like a teaser into the story then a whole book. It feels like it cut off just when the story started to get good. The next book doesn't come out until April 2011 and I think I will request to read that one also. I think this will be the story about the triumph of the human spirit. I'm looking forward to the next book but I'm hoping that I don't forget about it before the next book comes out.

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