July 9, 2010

My garden is coming along nicely this year all things considered. I didn't get anything in the ground until really late in the season this year and I didn't get everything I wanted to plant planted. But what I did get in the ground is starting to produce already.

My volunteer zinnias from last year are starting to bloom already. I don't have as many as I'd like but that can happen when you remember to collect seeds for your mother-in-law but forget to save any for yourself.

My corn is starting to corn! I'm so excited. I wasn't sure it was going to happen becuase I only have 6 plants but it's happening. We have corn-age!

My swiss chard is up. It started coming up really strong and then the next thing I know I only have about 6 plants total. Not sure what the story is there but again, planted late. I haven't seen any bug damage so I don't think that's what's wrong. Oh well, there will be enough there for me to enjoy a couple of times.

Of course the bees are loving it out there. The sun flowers have lots of pollen for them.

Each on of the stalks on the sunflowers is like this one. They have multiple blooms, which they didn't have last year. I don't know if they crossed with something else or what but they are really pretty.
My first tomato...of this season anyway! None of the other tomato plants have any tomatoes on them yet but they have lots of blooms. I see lots of tomatoes in the future. I can't wait to eat them fresh off the vine with a little salt while they're still warm from the sun.

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