July 15, 2010

I finished two books today, A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick and The Beach Street Knitting Society & Yarn Club by Gil McNeil.

A Reliable Wife really grabbed me. The imagery was excellent and the story telling really pulled you in and made you take a deep look at what desperate people are willing to do. It was a story for sure full of twists and turns. At the end I just ended up feeling really sorry for the main character. While I enjoyed the book, by the last few chapters I just wanted it to be over. Too much drama for me.

The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club is kind of a chick-lit book which I don't normally like. I don't like romance stories, too mushy and unrealistic for me. But this book really grabbed me (I guess you can say that since I started reading it yesterday around 11am and finished last night around midnight).

I think it's good to read a book that helps you understand that even when everything is going wonky in your life, if you keep working at it it will all come around again. I don't think I could have picked a better book with this kind of a moral to read right now. Things have been so wonky in my own life lately with work, my gram being sick, dealing with my sister, my poor mom's stress level, finding out that my favorite uncle had a heart attack, the death of my great aunt and having to travel a lot during all of that (and that's just since October! Eeek!) I really needed something with a positive message.

While things are still wonky right now I think I've got a better grasp on my life then I did a couple of days ago and part of that was reading this book. I literally could not put it down.

On a side note, I picked my first ripe tomato from my garden yesterday. To say the least it didn't make it into my lunch. I ate it while it was still warm from the sun. It was so flavorful! Store bought tomatoes are like plastic with no flavor but when you get so used to eating them all the time, it's amazing what a homegrown tomato tastes like.

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