August 18, 2009

I'm back from vacation and I don't even know where to start. It was the worst vacation I've ever had. It was drama from start to finish and I'm sad about it. I was really looking forward to a relaxing time with Hubbs and finally getting to spend some time together. But as it turned out, it was terrible.

The first night we were there it was great. We were with some good friends and their friends and family. We were all having a great time. We all hung out and had a few drinks and generally had a good time. The next day, another couple arrived and brought with them 11 teenagers and a 5 year old. These people are people that my husband and I have known for years. I've never really like the wife but the husband is generally ok. But after what went on...I don't think I ever want to be around them again. I actually deleted them both from my instant messenger this morning.

I don't really care that they brought a bunch of kids but they purchased and allowed this kids that were all between the ages of 14 and 16 to drink alcohol. They also allowed them to all drive over to the coast without adult supervision and told them that they could drink but if they told their parents that they would never be allowed to go on a trip with them again. From what I understand, some of these kids were drinking until they were throwing up. I don't care if you give your own kids alcohol but how do you give it to kids that you're responsible for and tell them to lie to their parents? I just don't understand this kind of behavior. What kind of parents encourage kids to drink and lie? Besides bad parents that is. Not to mention that they let their 16-year old daughter sleep in a tent alone with her 22-year old boyfriend.

I'm so glad that I don't have any children and when/if I do, they won't be of age to be friends with this couples children. Unfortunately, my best friends daughter is friends with these kids and was on this trip. Her mom suspected that something was going on and did tell her that she was NOT to be drinking. Apparently, the wife of the couple that brought the kids went to my friend and said, "Sorry about letting A. drink. I forgot that you were her mom." WTF?! If that had been me, I would have smacked her in the face.

Before we even left on this trip I was afraid that I was going to have a run in with this woman. We've had problems with them in the past, but the husband belongs to Hubbs off road club so we've had to deal with them in the past. But most of the time she doesn't participate in any club functions so I don't have to see her that much (Thank God). They also used to live right down the street from Hubbs and I but have since moved to another neighborhood about a mile a way. Even though it's a small town we hardly ever see them anymore.

I don't know what I could have done about this situation. Most likely, nothing. But part of me wants to call all those kids parents and let them know what was going on. But I don't know who they are or who their parents are.

Ugh. But I feel better for having talked about it here and to some other friends.

I have some knitting that was worked on over vacation too but nothing got much work done on it. I've almost completed another pair of socks and hope to have them finished over the next couple of days. Only one more pair of socks after these to do for my sister. Then hopefully I can concentrate on a shawl for my grandmother for her birthday. And I want to cast on Central Park Hoodie too. My grandmother gave me yarn for my birthday in February and I've been being a weenie about casting on for it. Anything that requires guage scares me! Yikes! But it would be a good challange from doing 11-ty billion socks this year.

Cross your fingers for an actually knitting update later this week!

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The Girl said...

As a mother of a 16 year old I'm speechless. I would beat someone to death if I ever found out that my kid was given alcohol and then told to lie to me. I give that other woman credit for her restraint, I would have punched her teeth down her throat. So sorry your vacation sucked, but I learned a valuable lesson from your story.