August 21, 2009

Finally, some good news for the Dropped Stitch family. Hubbs and I have both been needing new cars for the last couple of years but with the state of the economy and our credit rating we've been holding off and trying to save up some cash to replace one or both vehicles. When Hubb's grandfather passed away a couple of years ago he left Hubbs some money that we've just been sitting on and saving.

Hubbs has been working over time and on call hours trying to save some extra money in order to replace the vehicles. Earlier this week he came a cross a great deal to replace his truck. We met up with the guy to take a look at his truck last night and it was everything and more that we had been looking for. We put a deposit on the truck and hope to have it in our drive by in a couple of weeks.

Hubbs is sooo excited. He's like a kid at Christmas! lol

Now we'll be able to go camping anytime we want to without having to see if we can borrow FIL's truck! Yay for that!

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