August 4, 2009

Finished #12! I finally completed my goal for 2009 of knitting 12 pairs of socks! Yay!! So without further ado I present Soybean Socks.Pattern: Soybean by Christabel Seneque
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Solid in Green
Cast on: July 28, 2009
Finished: August 2, 2009
This was a very easy pattern and I was very lucky to be one of the test knitters for Christabel. It was an easy and fun knit. As soon as the pattern becomes available, I hope that more people will knit this sock. Christabel is very talented. I hope to see more patterns from her.

I cast on for a shawl for my Grandmother on Sunday but as I worked on it I realized that the more I worked with the yarn, the more I hated it. I chose Lion Brand Baby Soft in Cream but I don't think it's all that soft and it feels itchy in my hands. I knew when I purchased it that I didn't really like it but I was trying to go inexpensive because with my 15% pay cut from my employer we really couldn't afford to be spending a ton on luxury yarns. But the more I worked the patter which I do love and think would be beautiful in a different yarn. So I ordered some yarn from Knit Picks yesterday. I chose Shadow Kettle Dyed Lace yarn in Atlantic.

I love this color. It's so dramatic. I hope it's the same in real life. Excluding the shipping, I actually spent the same amount for this beautiful 100% Merino yarn as I did for the yucky acrylic yarn I'd already bought. I know my grandmother is going to love it.

I also ordered enough yarn for two sweaters for me and a skein of sock yarn.

This is Swish Worsted in Tide Pool Heather. I'm going to use this to make the February Lady Sweater.

This is Shadow Kettle Dyed Lace Yarn in Grasshopper. I'm going to knit Celeste from French Girl Knits.

And last but not least I ordered Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Make Believe. I don't know why since I'm not a big purple person but I love this color, adore it. I can't wait to make this into a beautiful pair of socks. The combination of purple, green and blues is just rocking my socks off. I can't wait for the yarn to arrive!

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