June 3, 2009

Hubbs and I took the chance last Saturday to head up to the Sierra's to do a little off roading. Our truck is currently for sale and it looks like we might have a shot of selling it. I don't really want to get rid of it but it's really Hubs' truck and his hobby, so I don't want to say to much about it. But we did have a great time on Saturday. We took our dogs with us for the first time and they had so much fun that they didn't move after we got home and barely moved at all on Sunday.

The view over the lake to the snow covered mountains was just so pretty.

Who's a happy dog?!!!

The waterfalls were just georgeous

The plants were amazing with their colors all decked out for spring

Looks like every one was having fun!

Living in California definatly has its advantages. The whole area we were in is National Forest land and open to the public for no fee. Even though it's June and summer here in the valley, the Sierras are still in spring mode. The streams were rushing and there were water falls everywhere. Plants were putting on their best spring faces and since there was hardly anyone up there, it felt like it was all for us.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Beautiful! Reminds me a lot of WV.

The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

Wow, gorgeous.....Don't sell it !!! It looks like too much fun :)