June 12, 2009

I love my cowboy (girl) boots. I have too many pairs to count and none are the same. But these, these are my favorites. I bought them to be worn under my wedding dress just a little over three years ago. It was really fun to be hiding them under my huge dress with just a few friends and family in on the joke. Plus I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a pair of shoes that I would only wear once and cowboy boots can be worn all the time.

I got my first pair of boots when I was 16. My mom gave them to me as a birthday gift. I still have them. They're classics. All black American made leather with silver heel plates. They're broke down with wear and every time I slip them on it's like wearing my slippers to the grocery store. I wore those boots for every important event in my life. I wore them to the funeral when I 2nd dad (my mom's second husband) died, I wore them to my high school graduation and I was wearing them the day that I met my husband.

I think I was even wearing them the night he proposed but I can't be sure, it was all such a blur. But when it came time for my wedding I knew that the old boots weren't going to be able to cut it for such a special occasion. At that point they were almost 15 years old and the leather was starting to crack. They just weren't up to the job. I spent months trying to decide if I was going to wear them or buy something new. I searched high and low for new boots and couldn't find anything. I'd finally decided that I was going to wear them anyway when Hubbs and I went boot shopping for him for the wedding. I was just wandering the aisles of the store when I came across the soft black leather with green and blue stitching. I was in love so fast that the $300 price tag didn't even bother me. I've never spent $300 on shoes before! Shoot, the most expensive pair of shoes I owned at that time couldn't have cost me more then $40! But as soon as I slipped my feet into those boots...I knew I was home. I think my mother-in-law was totally shocked when I pulled up my gown to show off the boots at the wedding but being the type of woman she is, she loved it. And so did I.

So here's to all the boots that came before and to all that boots that are still to come! May you be on my feet for all the important events to come!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love boots, but sandals are more my style. I'm envious of people who can pull off the look.