June 19, 2009

The baseball game was awesome! The weather was perfect, our seats were amazing and our team won! The weather was warm but the seats were in the shade and true to Sacramento weather the breeze coming in from the delta kept it nice and cool at the ball park. Our seats were in the fifth room right behind home plate and in line with the first base line on the home side. Considering that the seats were given to us free we wouldn't have complained if the seats were in the nose bleed section, but these seats couldn't be beat! We had a great view of the park and could even see the tower bridge and part of down town. The view of the sky line was beautiful. And to top off the evening the River Cats won against the Salt Lake City Bee's 9 to 4.

River Cats #5 up to bat in the 8th inning.

Hubby and I, having a great time.

The view from our seats included home plate, right field and the Tower Bridge in the distance.

Another view from our seats. We were practically on the field!

Hubbs and I both got a kick outta this sign. There were a lot off balls that came over the back stop but no bats!

There was some knitting at the game but the action was too good to get much done. My birthday gift for my mom is coming along. I had planned to make this scarf for her that I'd fallen in love with and thought would look really great on her, but I ended up starting a 3rd Weekend Lace Wrap. The other scarfs directions were just not clear and I couldn't get the hang of it after several tries. Honestly, I'm not really thrilled about doing a third one but I'm sure that my mom will love it. I chose a really pretty sea foam green yarn that is a bamboo blend.

Tomorrow Hubbs and I have some errands to do and then we're packing to head off to my moms. We're spending the night at her house in the Napa Valley and then on Sunday morning we're off to Infineon Raceway in Sonoma to see the Nascar Race! I'm pretty excited because I haven't been to a race in at least 10 years and the last one was pretty exciting. The race starts at noon so there's no telling what time we'll be back home. Mom is going to keep the dogs for us and bring them back on Wednesday next week, but we'll be home on Sunday night.

If I didn't have a meeting on Monday at work, I'd take the day off to recover from all the weekend fun! I hope that your Fathers Day weekend is awesome!

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