May 29, 2009

Lately I've been very anti-work away from home. I hate driving or riding (depending on the weather) in to work. I hate the city and would much rather be a home knitting, sewing, working in my garden or playing music (or trying to). But since my office moved to it's new location my commute is more rural then it used to be. Before I had to go through the worst parts of town to get to my office but now, instead of gang bangers and hopped up cars, I get to see all kinds of farm animals. This mornings commute consisted of sheep, lamas, goats, horses, cows, and a few chickens. It's so nice to see them eating grass and chasing bugs...doing what animals do. It's much more relaxing.

Sadly, things aren't getting any better here as far as the economy goes. The Governor is threatening to give us an additional 5% pay cut on top of the 10% we already got back in February. They also sent out about 3500 lay off notices to state employees too. Thankfully for me all the notices went to people with 15 months of service or less. At this point I've been here for 37 months so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't have to go any further then 15 months.

But on the bright side, Hubs and I have been doing a lot of fun things lately. Sunday mornings have been devoted to going to the farmers market and getting a lot of fresh produce. We're also learning new instruments. Hubby is learning the banjo and I'm learning the mandolin. We've also been to a couple of BBQ's and of course I'm still working on my garden. The tomatoes are just starting to put on fruit, the beans are starting to climb the poles and the pumpkin is out of control.

So with the weather here in Northern CA heating up, I hope every has a cool and comfortable weekend.

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