September 25, 2011

Time for a New Training Plan...

I officially finished my Bridge to 10k training last Sunday. I could have finished it sooner but I didn’t like how the last week had you jumping up additional minutes of running time every day instead of once as week so I took extra time to run Week 5, Day 1-3 a few times each to get used to running those additional minutes before moving on to the new time.

Since then I’ve been running for 60 minutes on each of my run days. It’s taking me about 75 minutes to run 10k and I’m not sure that I care that much about picking up my pace. I’d like to run it faster but I think I want to start thinking ahead to begin training for a half more then I want to run faster.

I’m planning on continuing to run 10k 3 times a week until October. In October I have to switch my work hours and will be working a later shift. So I’ll be able to run in the mornings every day that I want to train during the week instead of just 2 days a week during the work week with runs on the weekend when I feel like it.

Picking a training plan is so hard! There are so many out there and I just don’t know what to chose. I’ve had recommendations for the Jeff Galloway plan, Runner’s World Smart Coach and Hal Higdon’s plan. But how do you choose? I’m thinking of printing out the training plans and doing a comparison. Hopefully this will get me a step closer to making a decision. I still have a week before my work schedule changes and I’d like to have at least some idea of how I want to proceed before October 1.

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