July 2, 2009

Not much has been going on around the Dropped Stitch house lately. Hubby has been working on call for the last week and hasn't been around much. My garden is in full swing and the pumpkins are starting to turn orange. The watermelon is really getting big and I picked the first bunch of Zinnias outta my garden this week. The beans are flowering and I'm hoping to have some green beans soon.

All and all it's been pretty quiet around my house for the last two weeks. I have been knitting and finished my most recent project, a (nother) shawl. I'll post some pictures of it this weekend but I just finished it at work today so I don't have any pictures of it yet. I still need to block it but other then that, it's done. I'm way ahead on my birthday projects for the rest of year with only two to go. One is for a birthday in December and the other is in October. I'm sure I'll be casting on tomorrow for the October birthday one.

Tonight Hubbs and I will be headed off to his parents house for a family dinner. My mother-in-law's sister is in town from Arizona with her daughter for the fourth of July weekend. The whole family including some cousins are gathering to visit tonight. Father-in-Law is going to do some ribs on the BBQ and I'm sure there will be a ton of other good eats too. It's going to be a good time.

Back in February of this year my job cut my hours back by 16 hours per month which is about 10%. It's been tough on the family and we've really been missing that money. Sadly I got word today that they would be cutting my hours again by another 8 hours. That's a 15% decrease in pay per month. It's going to be pretty tough at my house for at least the next year. Thankfully, Hubbs and I have never been ones that live above our means, so we're in a much better position then a lot of other people. We will definitely have to tighten our belts (hopefully this won't cut into my yarn budget!) but I know that I can count my blessings.

Hopefully you can count your blessings too and have a very happy 4th!!!

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