July 9, 2009

For the last couple of months I've been on a search for a new bike. When Hubbs and I bought our house 5 years ago I had a really nice mountain bike that I'd spent a lot of money on but Hubbs didn't have a bike. We wanted to be able to ride bikes around our new neighborhood but we never got around to getting a second bike. Normally when I walk the dogs Hubbs would ride my bike while I walked and that's been working good for us. We jokingly call it "Family Fitness Time" because everyone but the cat participates in.

But since we've been trying to live more simply and not use the cars for short trips we've been wanting another bike. The grocery store is only a mile from the house and it seems silly to drive to the store when when only need a couple of items so we've been walking/riding to the grocery store to pick up whatever we need. We normally do a big run on the weekend and try to get all the groceries we're going to need for the week but some times we will run out of just a couple of things (usually lettuce or bananas).

I'd been looking at used bikes on Craigslist for some time and have even gone to look at a couple but there were never quite right for me. I really didn't want to buy something new but when I found a bike at Target and it fit me perfect and was at a good price, I grabbed it. Thankfully Hubby knows about bikes and was able to adjust the breaks and do a couple of small things to make the bike right. We both agreed that the guys are Target don't know anything about bikes...especially since when we got the bike home last night Hubbs discovered that the front wheel was on backwards.

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce my new bike...Nellie!!! (Name subject to change)

I got to ride her around a bit last night and she's great! I kinda had to relearn to ride because it's been years since I've ridden a bike. When I first jumped on her at home last night and took off, I almost crashed right into the side of my truck! I guess it's really been a long time since I rode a bike. But once I got the hang of it she was very smooth and fun to ride. She's a 21 speed and gos really fast. I love the rack on the back and I'm sure that I'm going to put that to good use.

Just has Hubbs was finishing up the adjustments on Nellie my friend and her hubby rode up on their bikes with their adorable baby in a bike trailer. They'd ridden down to the drug store for an ice cream cone and were on their way home when I happened to step out of the garage. So we rode around the corner to their house to check out her new RV. They found a great deal on a super cute 80's RV and now we've got to plan a RV trip with them. When we left their house I passed up Hubbs and we raced our bikes all the way home. Of course I'm laughing like a loon all the way back to the house and of course there was a bunch of teenagers sitting on the curb across the street from our house watching me laugh like a loon but I was having too much fun to really care.

I love my new bike! Who knew bikes were so fun?! I can't wait to get home tonight and go ride.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

That is so cool! We live in such a hilly area, bikes aren't practical, but it sounds like fun!