March 24, 2009

So the good news: My alternator is fixed on my Harley. I still need a battery but Hubbs is going to pick it up today! Yay!!

And now for the bad news: The alternator in my truck died yesterday. It's official. I AM the alternator killer!! Mothers hide your children!

Nothing beats taking a forced day off work because your vehicle won't start. Ok, in all fairness my truck did start but once I hit the highway I noticed that the battery/voltage gauge was in the red and even I know that's not normal. Called the Hubbs, explained the problem and his solution was turn off the radio. To say the least that didn't help so I ended up turning around and coming back home. About 3pm my lovely father-in-law came by and between the two of us we pulled out the alternator. After a quick look he determined that I needed a new plug and a new alternator. By 5:30 he'd installed the alternator and was on his way home. All it cost me was 100 bucks and a couple of homemade chocolate chip cookies! Best transaction I've ever made! In fact I think I made money on the deal!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow - 2 alternators in a row! I think you may be a much more serious alternator killer than even me.