March 29, 2009

It's been a busy weekend again. I haven't done any knitting but I did so to a quilt and sewing expo with my mom, went shopping, bought some new shoes(yay!), bought some new yarn, bought some wool to make a new pea coat and went to the nursery.

I planted two tomatoes in the main bed with my herbs. In the back I have some thyme, rosemary, chives, sage and oregano. I chose two heirloom varieties this year. I didn't want to grow the same old red tomatoes that you can get in the grocery store. I got Hillbilly which is a West Virgina variety. (I thought of you Evil Twins Wife!) This Variety should have tomatoes in 85 days. I'm looking forward to it.

I also got Prudens Purple. It should have fruit in 75 days.

Because I only have the one bed right now, I have to do some container gardening.

Last weekend I spent Saturday hanging out with my mom. We went to a quilt show and then ran some errands. I always enjoy hanging out with my mom but she almost always gets me into trouble. I spent way too much money. I bought some much needed work clothes and also bought two new roses bushes for my back yard. Right now our back yard is a mess. There is no lawn because I let it die last year. We don't have in ground sprinklers and I have to drag the hose back and forth to water the grass. Normally I'm really good about it but...well it died a thirsty death I'm sure. So right now there is just a ton of weeds where the grass used to be. I'm working slowly on getting it back into shape. We want to add a patio with an arbor but that's all going to come later.

This rose bush is a climbing rose called Lady Banks. I have two of them in the front of the house that are just gorgeous. This one is white. I planted it right inside the garden gate. Eventually it will grow up and over the arched trellis.

This rose is also a climber. It's pink. I'm going to add a trellis to the fence to get it to cover this part of the fence. This is right next to where the neighbor keeps their dogs and I'm hoping that it will cover it enough that their dogs won't be able to see through the fence anymore. Right now, every time we open our door they bark and they will bark anytime our dogs are out in the yard. I guess basically they just bark. All the time. So very annoying.This Calla Lilly lives in the corner close to the pink climbing rose. Calla's are my favorite flower. I joke and say that even though our house needed a ton of work when we bought it, this plant is the reason that I loved the house so much.

Out front my Lilac is blooming and my Lady Banks Roses are so very pretty. I'm training the Lady banks to go over the window of the front bedroom. Looks like I need to tie it up again.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm only going to do a couple of tomato plants this year. I'll have to look for that variety!