March 18, 2009

I finally ordered new shoes. I put my running on hold back in December because I really needed new shoes (and I'm lazy). I got new shoes in February but they were to small and I still need to send them back.
I ordered these Saucony's last night from Famous Footwear. They are the Grid Fusion 2 and I really hope they fit. My office is putting together a team to run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in the beginning of May and I'm thinking of participating. I'm not really sure what the plan is but they're having a meeting this Friday. Of course Friday is my Furlough day, but I'm thinking of coming in anyway. I need something to work toward or else, I know that I'll start running again, run for a few weeks and then crap out. Yesterday I spent the better part of the day thinking about running a 5K in May but I'm just not sure that I can commit to the scheduled number of miles that I'd need to get the job done. Besides, it might cut into my knitting time (GASP!!) But really, I need the exercise. I'm getting...chubby. Maybe chubby is not the right word but my muscle tone is not looking good and I don't really feel very good. It's time to get my eating back on track and get my tushy out on the road. So hopefully there will be some running updates in the near future
Since Famous Footwear is having a buy one, get the second one half off sale, I of course had to get the second pair. I've been eyeing this pair of Naturalizers for a couple of weeks and almost went last weekend and bought them. Last weekend they weren't having the sale so I'm really glad that I waited. I got both pairs for less then $100 with free shipping to boot! I'm trying to be more thrifty when it comes to spending money so I'm feeling pretty good. I would have paid $50 for these if I'd got them last weekend but since they were the cheaper pair I got them for $25! I love Naturalizers. I wear a cute pair of heels that I bought from them a year a go almost every day and they are really comfortable and they still look really good. I just have Hubbs put some shoe polish on them once in a while and they look great!

In Knitting news I cast on for another pair of socks. Shocking, I know! I cast on Pomatomus by Cookie A with Cascade Heritage Hand Painted. The color is a Red with a blue stripe. Sounds kinda funky but it's looking really good. I cast them on on Monday, 3/16/08. I cast on a different pair of socks on Sunday evening but I just couldn't seem to get them to jive. So far the Pomatomus is the most challenging pair of socks I've done. I'm kinda hoping to save them and put them away for my mom for her Birthday.

My sister e-mailed me on Monday to let me know that she ordered some sock yarn and was having it sent to my house. My sister has MS so she can't knit because she doesn't have control over her hands enough to knit anymore. For her birthday last October, I knit her up a pair of socks that she just loves. She says that she wears them almost everyday (they're more like slippers then socks) and she wants a couple more pair. Apparently she and my mom went on a sock yarn mission last week and couldn't find what they wanted so she ordered enough yarn for me to make her a couple more pairs. Sounds like I shouldn't have any problem meeting my 12 pairs of hand knitted socks for 2009. The Pomatomus socks are pair #7 for the year. I am well on my way now!!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I don't even own tennis shoes/sneakers. Yep, no running going on here! The 2 pair is very cute, though. I also have MS, but take a daily injection to manage it. Thank goodness I can still knit (when I find time!). :-)

Cst KO said...

This is my 1st time on your Blog, I worked my way through blog world from Evil's to find you.. Just wanted to say I enjoy the blog and keep it up..


Thimbleanna said...

That's so cool that you knit socks for your sister -- they're probably much more comfortable to her. Your running sounds very cool. I just got new running shoes too. I'm a runner wannabe LOL. I'm thinking you need to learn to knit while running!