February 21, 2009

I finished another pair of socks! I frogged the last pair I started and chose Cable Rib Socks by Erica Alexander from Favorite Socks, 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave. Started these on Valentines day and finished today! Sorry for the not so great picture, but I've packed them up to be sent off to my older sister.

Last month I also finished my new small knitting bag. I've made two other bags from this same pattern but never got around to making one for myself. I cut it out before Christmas and finally got it sewed up at the end of January. I kept meaning to share but just never seemed to get to it.

I also finished the Confetti Stars that I started last weekend. Of course it still needs to be quilted, but the top is done! Guess now I need to get down to quilting some stuff.


blairspage said...

Once again... do you sell the socks? They are AWESOME! And, the bags and the quilts. I wish I had half your talent!

You need to start your own little online business!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman -- you got a LOT done in Feb.! I LOVE that sock pattern -- is it available on the internet? Love those confetti stars too -- very clever pattern.