February 11, 2009

Good news! The sewing machine repair place called yesterday and I was able to pick up my machine after work yesterday. Hubbs called me to let me know it was ready and they were open until 6:30. Well, it turns out they're only open until 6 and I don't get off work until 5:30 but I barely made it in the store before they locked the door. Cost me $85 but it was well worth it. There was nothing wrong with my machine but it hadn't been serviced since I got it three years ago and I know I was pushing the threshold for something going wrong with it by not having it serviced yearly. I know I should have but what can I can say? I'm cheap and I hate to have things "fixed" when there is nothing wrong with them. Kinda like taking the pets to the vet. I hate doing that too, but the county requires that I have them vaccinated for rabies. Stupid rabies.

With the holiday tomorrow (Lincolns Birthday), Friday's my regular day off and Monday also a holiday (Washington's Birthday), this weekend is a 5 day weekend for me. Unfortunately, Hubbs has to work the rest of this week and is on call this weekend, so there won't be much of anything going on this weekend at casa de Stitch. A friend had suggested that we all go camping this weekend but Hubbs parents are using the 5th wheel this weekend and Hubbs being on call, it was just a no go. I really would have liked to go and get outta town for a couple of days but this time it just wasn't going to happen. But since I just got my machine back, I guess I can start working on a couple of quilting projects that I have all the "parts" for.

Over the summer my mom, sister and grandmother went up to Tahoe to visit a friend of my mom's that has a summer place up there. Being that almost everyone in my family quilts and my mom's friend quilts too, they went off to visit a couple of local quilt shops in the area. My mom is sooo good to me and she picked me out a charm squares pack and a pattern for a table runner. The fabric is coffee themed and in case I haven't mentioned it in the past, I LOVE coffee. If I had my way, I'd have a coffee IV 24/7. I think I'll start with this and see what other kind of trouble I can get into.

I'm sure in addition to the sewing, I'll be working on finishing my sock for the February Sock Down. I belong to Sock Knitter Anonymous on Ravelry, each month they have a challenge where you can knit different types of socks. This month is Socks for a Charity/Cause or Entrelac or Gigi Silva. I chose Brigit by Monkey Toes (you can find it on Ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/brigit). I finished the first sock last week and am working on the second one now. I'm almost finished with the foot and should be starting the toe either tonight or tomorrow. I should post some pictures this weekend.

Once I finish my Brigit, I'm planning on casting on for my Central Park Hoodie (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/central-park-hoodie). My Grammie gave me enough yarn to do this project in a beatiful gray. I dont' have the details of the yarn with me and I haven't added to my stash on Ravelry, but I'll be sure to post it up as soon as I can. Grammies Friend owens a yarn shop in Calistoga, CA, she helped Grammie pick out the yarn and I'm really looking forward to working with it.

So that's it for now. I hope everyone has a great day and a nice weekend too!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Enjoy your 5 days off. That's awesome!