October 18, 2011

Pyroclastic Socks

I spent part of Saturday evening and Sunday morning trying to find a pattern that I really liked to knit up my new sock yarn for my Gram. Ravelry is a great tool but sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to find a new pattern out of the millions out there.

But after some searching I finally found Pyroclastic by Marlowe Crawford.

My Gram likes her socks a bit taller so I'm going to add at least one additional repeat of the pattern for the leg.

The bottom of the foot is interesting with the decreases. I haven't done a foot like this one before.

I love the mock cables.

I decided to use the Cascade Heritage in Red for this pair for my Gram. It'll be a red hot pyroclastic.

I got started on the socks on Sunday evening and did three repeats of the pattern before bed time. It's really easy to memorize and I love that. I used it to hide behind during The Walking Dead season premier.

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