May 4, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, right after a very long day from work, I immediately changed into my running clothes when I got home. Since I injured my knees 2 weeks ago, I haven’t run a step and barely walked further then absolutely necessary. But I haven’t had any knee pain in a few days, so I figured I’d give it a go. I really needed a stress relief from work so I figured no better time then that afternoon to give it a shot.

So I quickly changed, got Hubbs up from the computer and out the door. Normally he would have run with me but neither one of us was really sure how this was going to go so he opted for the bike in case I made it a ways and then needed a lift home. I decided to do week 3, day 2 of Couch to 5k again. Last time I did this day I couldn’t run more then 5 steps and I ended up crying. It was bad. I couldn’t run, could barely walk and felt so disappointed that I couldn’t really function. It was more like grieving for a loved one that’s passed away. It was really bad but it did finally motivate me to call the doctor instead of trying to push though the wall of pain I was experiencing.

So anyway, I put on my favorite running skirt and my pink and white top (it always makes me feel pretty no matter how sweaty and red faced I am), I laced up my running shoes and grabbed my pink watch. I also grabbed my phone which has my C25K app and hit the road. I was nervous, very nervous about how this was going to go. 5 min warm up so no problem but when the phone dinged and said, “Run.” I’m pretty sure I almost had a heart attack. If I’d been wearing a heart rate monitor, I would have had critical over load. I was cautious with my first steps; is it going to hurt? Any pain? How about now? Left knee? Right knee? Hmmm, no pain…and then the grin. I was running with no pain. I was liberated. I’m pretty sure you could have seen my smile from space it was that big. I was laughing, running, trying not to cry from joy. It was awesome!

C25k, week 3, day 2 is 90/90, 3/3 and then repeat. I ran the first set of 90’s and the first set of 3’s no problem. Big grin. Running like you see little kids run, full of the joy of it. I missed the second set of 90’s because some guy had exhaust sooooo loud on his Harley that I couldn’t hear my phone (which was in my sports bra – in a plastic bag) ding. I kept thinking I’m ready to run, this walk is taking too long. So when the app dinged for the walk portion of the second 90, I ran for about 60. Then walked and waited for the ding for the second set of 3’s. I wasn’t able to run the full run portion of the second 3 but it was pretty warm out and it was my first run in two weeks so I didn’t care. And I only walked for about 15 seconds.

All and all the run was awesome. I can not wait for the next run. I want to close out week 3 and move on. I can’t wait.

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