May 29, 2011

Gosh, I've been gone a while. Didn't mean to dissapear for that long but let me catch you up on what happened. It's been so crazy.

Hubbs and I left on Friday, May 20th in the morning to go to Sequoia National Park for four days. It's a four hour drive to the campsite and we got there around 2pm. Got camp set up, hung out for a couple of hours and then cooked dinner. Sometime around 9pm my husband noticed that my dog Rex had thrown up his dinner. It happens some times so we weren't alarmed. But then he began to attempt to vomit with nothing coming up. I tried walking him around the camp ground to see if he would just walk it off but nothing was helping.

When we went back to our trailer I noticed that Rex's abdomen was extremely swollen. I got on the internet and started looking up his symptoms. The internet was saying that he had bloat which is life threatening. We called our vet at home and they said it sounded like bloat and to find an emergency vet hospital where we were and take him in immediately because he could die from this.

The closest Emergency hospital was 40 min's away from where we were camping. We drove like mad to there. Turns out that Rex did have bloat and was rushed into emergency surgery around 3am on Saturday morning. We spent the majority of the rest of our vacation going back and forth between where we were camping and the vet hospital.

We weren't sure if they were going to release Rex to us before we were scheduled to head home on monday but they finally released him late on Sunday afternoon. We left camping early and picked him up at about 5:30pm and drove straight through to our vet, 4 hours. Our vet kept him over night on Sunday for observation. We finally were able to bring him home on Monday night around 10:30pm.

I ended up taking 2 extra days off of work to be home with him. He doesn't really need that much observation but after almost losing him I'm not ready to leave him.

This has been the most stressful week of my life. This dog has been with me through some of the worst times of my life and the best times of my life. I just couldn't let him go without trying everything we could to save his life. What started our as a fairly inexpensive vacation turned into the most expensive 4 days of my life. But I have my dog which is what matters the most to me. We can always make more money but there is only one Rex and he's not replaceable.

I was supposed to go back to work last Thursday and then wouldn't you know it...I got sick. Really sick. Turns out it's pretty common to get sick after you've been under so much stress like I was when I was dealing with poor Rex. I ended up staying home for the rest of the week and I'm still not feeling myself today.

I logged into Sparkpeople but I didn't really track my food. We had to eat out a lot while were dealing with Rex being in the hospital and I was so upset that I just let Hubbs pick where he wanted to eat. Most of the time he had to order for me because I kept saying I wasn't hungry but if you put the food in front of me I would eat. But I'm back on track today. I'm not looking forward to weighing in anytime soon. But I will just do what needs to be done after the weigh in. I haven't run since wednesday before we left for vacation because I'm too scared to leave Rex home alone for more then a few minuets (more of my fear then his need of me) and then getting sick. But I have to admit that I'm really missing it. I'm so glad that Rex is home with us now. June 1 he will get his staples out and we can go forward from there.

Things have been so crazy. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal...whatever that is.

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