March 6, 2010

I wanted to share the few things I actually brought back with me from Alabama. We still have a storeage unit full of items that will have to be picked up later this year and driven home. But these were a few of the things that I couldn't bare to leave behind.
This is my great, great grandmothers thimble. There was a note with it in my great aunts handwriting saying who the thimble belonged to and when they received it. It was dated 1881 and belonged to my great, great grandmother. It's so tiny and would have never fit on my finger.

I also brought home all the thimbles in my great aunts sewing box. I love thimbles and they were a wonderful memento to have.

A beautiful wooden needle case with machine needles inside.

Beautiful costume jewelry.

Wonderful butterfly pin

I loved this chicken bowl. It's small but beautiful. There are no chips on it at all. At one time the comb was red and you can still see some of the paint on it. I'm going to use it to keep some of my treasures.

I have a wonderful collection of thrifted ladies hankies and this family one will be a wonderful addition.

I loved the graphics on this pack of guitar strings. Neither my self or my husband play the guitar but he plays the banjo and I play the mandolin. I knew if I left them behind they would be tossed. The funny thing was that I never found any evidence that anyone in the family played the guitar. I can't help but wonder why my great aunt had them.

I brought home this great vintage hat. My mom says she remembers wearing one just like it in the 50's. It's covered in real feathers.

I loved this hat also. I wish I could have brought home all the hats in the house but I really would have not had anyplace to store them all. So I only brought home these two. Hopefully someone bought the other ones and gave them a good home.

This scrap book is from the 1930's. It's full of news paper clippings and moments of my other Great Aunt, Iva's life. So interesting.

While there were tons of photo albums in the house, I only brought home this one. The rest went into storage to be brought home later. The tooled leather cover is beautiful.

Inside was this wonderful picture of my mothers parents on their wedding day. My grandmother is still a beautiful woman but she was just stunning on her wedding day. And my grandfather was such a handsome man in his dress blues. I have a very similar jacket that I also brought home. It's not dress blues and it's not his working clothes but it's a very similar jacket to the one in the picture. I want to alter it to fit me.

My mothers senior picture from 1967 was also in the photo album. I love this picture. My mom looks so carefree. Her hair and necklace are so classic.

This is just one page from the photo album. There were so many neat pictures in it and I was able to easily find my aunt and my grandfather.
That's everything I brought back but I'm sure as soon as we get the rest of the stuff in a few months I'll share the rest of it then. I have boxes of McCoy pottery and beautiful glassware. Not to mention wonder vintage linens and tons of pictures. I can't wait to see it all again!

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- what wonderful treasures. And even more wonderful that you appreciate them all and will give them a good home!