April 6, 2009

So finally some a picture of sock #7, Pomatomus. I finished the first sock of the pair on Saturday night. I really like this pattern but it's the most challenging one I've tried this far. You really have to be paying attention to the pattern when you're working on this one. There are a lot of yarn overs and decreases in the pattern. Pattern: Pomatous by Cookie A.
Yarn: Cascade Yarns, Heritage Handpainted
Color: Red with blue stripe
Started: 03/16/2009
A couple of weeks ago when my mom and I went up to Grass Valley to Fabrics on Mill Street we also ran across the street to Fibers. Fibers is a great yarn shop that we'd been to before and they have a fantastic sock yarn selection. I grabbed some great Cascade Heritage in a fabulous Kelly Green. But while we were there my mom picked up a really cool kit for a market bag. She started knitting on it while I drove on the way back. It was turning OK really great and I wanted one too. But I didn't want to drive all the way back to Grass Valley for the kit, so I started looking on Ravelry for a pattern. I found one I really like and cast on for that on Sunday. I had to go buy some needles because I didn't have any size 15 circular needles.

Pattern: Fantasy Naturale Market Bag by JoAnne Turcotte
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Corn Flower
Cast on: 4/5/09
On Sunday I also whipped out a couple of project bags for small knitting items. Sometimes I don't want to take my knitting bag and just want something small to toss into another bag. So I whipped up a couple of draw string bags that I can toss my sock projects into and then toss into another bag.

Detail of first bag.

Detail of second bag.

So that's the recap of my weekend. Unless you want to hear about how we ate out every night and I didn't run once. But no one wants to hear about that. Back on my training schedule today! Got a 3 miler planned for after work today.

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The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

Wow, you are extremely talented. I love love love the drawstring bags :)