April 7, 2009

Holy cow! The weather here is so crazy! Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees when I went for my run after work. Today it's pouring rain and in the 60's. I'm so done with winter. My face is already getting a tan from all the time I've been spending running and I was hoping that the old pasty pale legs might be getting the same treatment. But no. The sky just opened up and it's raining so hard I wasn't even sure what was happening. Oh no!! Thunder!!! I gotta go hide in my bed now! Both of the dogs are looking all over trying to figure out what's going on! They're cracking me up! Hope everyone else is having more spring like weather then I am!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Not here! Yesterday, we had a few snow flurries - after a nearly 80 degree day on Sunday! Nuts!