August 5, 2010

Last night Hubbs and I drove over to the Cosumnes River Preserve. It's a wetland preserve about 10 miles from our house. We've lived here for 6 years and known about the preserve but have never taken the time to go. The weather was so beautiful last night that we decided last minute to run over to the preserve and take a walk.
The preserve has two trails. One is about a mile called The Lost Wetlands Trail and a second one that's about 3 miles called The River Walk. Because it was already 7:30 when when we got there, we took the shorter one.

A lot of the area is swampy but lovely. None of the paddies are flooded this time of year so a lot of it is native grasses. In the spring and winter the paddies are flooded to encourage the Sand Hill Cranes to rest there on their migration.

We saw two cotton tail rabbits. This one was right outside the bathrooms and we were able to get really close before he hopped off.

Not sure what this is but it looks like some type of a hibiscus.

These blackeyed susans were part of the landscaping by the visitors center.

Our shadows.

An Egret.

Hubbs on the path. It's cement the entire way and would be great if you had small children or little ones in a stroller.

My car, waiting for us at the end of the walk.

Sunset over the preserve.

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