August 30, 2010

August, you've been so cruel to me...

What a tough month.

August 2...Hubbs puts a drill through his thumb. I have to leave work and spend most of the day in the emergency room. Thankfully he didn't hit the bone or any tendons, just soft tissue. Medication for Hubbs.

August 10 -12...I was out of work sick.

August 17...Doctors Appt. Medication for Me.

August 18...Doctors Appt. Find out that Furloughs are back in effect. Back to 25% pay cut.

August 19 - 20...Out of work on medical leave

August 24...Dog gets sick

August 26...Rush dog to emergency. Find out he has slip disk in his neck, medication and bed rest for dog

August 28 - 29...Mild case of food poisoning for me.

I am ready to put August to bed. Bring on September, it has to be better.

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