June 7, 2010

Hubbs and I spent yesterday doing chores. After being gone for a week we needed to do some clean up in the house, return the 5th wheel to storage, go to the nursery, do the grocery shopping and work in the garden. It was a very productive day. I spent way to much time in the sun without sun block on the first decently sunny and warm day of the year and the result was me being turned into a crispy critter. My arms and the back of my neck are bright red and burned. Ouch! But it was totally worth it. My garden is in great shape.

My dahlias are so pretty this year!

The volunteer sunflowers are huge! When I uploaded this picture I laughed out loud because I captured a bee in flight at the top of the picture. I seem to be capturing a lot of bees in pictures lately, both on purpose and on accident.

I got an artichoke at the nursery. It's itty bitty right now but I'm sure next year we'll get some really wonderful artichokes.

Since I'm a bit behind in getting my garden in this year due to all the travel we've been having to do, I purchased corn instead of growing from seed like I normally would have done. 6 plants was all I was willing to take on for right now. I'm hoping for some really great, tasty corn.

I purchased 3 tomato plants at the nursery and when I was weeding one of the other beds, I found a volunteer tomato plant. I'm calling it the "mystery tomato." Not sure what it is but I can't wait for it to grow up and show me.

This is another volunteer sunflower. It's got tons of blooms on it and looks like a sunflower tree. The colors are really soft and pretty. I love volunteer plants. It's like free plants!

My herb garden is doing great also. I had to transplant the mint into a larger pot earlier this year because it had totally grown out of it's small pot and needed a much larger pot. The bed has my rosemary, sage, thyme, chives and oregano.

The bees are loving the chive blooms right now.

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