June 12, 2010

How I spent my Saturday or 6 years in the making, I got a new car!

I've needed a new car for a long time, a really long time but it seemed like there was always something else that we needed more. So buying me a new car was low on the list. Hubbs and I started saving up and kept saving up and when my aunt passed away in February we inherited a little bit of money, not much but enough to be able to buy me a new car. I started doing research and testing driving everything that was in the price range of what we wanted to spend. I finally settled on a Subaru Outback. So off Hubbs and I went this morning to buy a new car.

Getting the keys!
Front end (you can see my old truck there on the right at the curb)

Passenger side

Back end

Driver Side


I love this car. It drives so smooth and you can't even feel the transmission change gears at all. Plus it gets great gas mileage. Now I can go where ever I want to go anytime I want to go! No more asking Hubbs if he needs to use his truck on any one day so that I can plan to use it. yay!

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