May 16, 2012

Orchid Theif Shawlette

Yarn:  Terilyn Needleart Heather in Maize (1 Skein)
Needle: 6US
Mods:  None

I enjoyed knitting this but enjoyed blocking it even more.  Lace is so deceptive in that it's a wad and until you block it out, you have no idea what you've really got.  I liked the yarn that I used, I picked up earlier this year at Stitches West but while it's classified as fingering weight which is what the pattern calls for, I think it's a very light fingering weight, almost lace weight.  But the color is beautiful even if the texture is a bit rough.

I used the pattern that is in Brave New Knits.  Let me tell you, if you're using this book make sure you check for the errata for this pattern.  The pattern in the book is a mess and I would have saved myself a lot of heartache if I'd checked for the errata.  I did row 86 like 10 times before I finally decided to check and see if anyone else had any problems with it. Once I got that cleared up, Chart 4 went smoothly and I finished the project no problem.  But wow, that's a lot of stitches by the end of Chart 4.  I swear all I did was purl back for days!

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