November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap...

I got waylaid by one of these ugly little guys (and a few million of his friends I'm sure)...germs. Friday afternoon I started getting a sore throat and ended up spending all most my entire weekend in bed (and not in a fun way). I was sick. Wasted my whole weekend. And of course I'm all better to be back to work today. Lucky me (Sarcasm).

Anyway, since I officially signed up and got a spot in the Shamrockn' Half this March I started my half marathon training last week. I got in half my runs but missed 4 miler on Saturday and my long run on Sunday due to illness and migraine, such a lovely combo.

But I did manage to pull it together on Sunday evening enough to do some laundry, clean the kitchen and grocery shop. I also made it up to the local big box sports retailer and got a reflective vest to wear over my running gear. With the time change and all it’s going to be dark before I can get home and run in the evenings now. I run where there is street lights but it can’t hurt to have a little extra to make sure cars see me in the dark.

I picked up one of these bad boys for $25, a Nathan Streak. I can’t believe I had to pay $25 for a very flimsy vest that’s basically some mesh and Velcro. It kills me to pay that kind of money for something so small. But I did. Safety first, right?

Technically, today is a rest day in my training plan but since I didn’t run over the weekend according to plan, I’m planning on getting a run in tonight. Nothing major, maybe 3 or 4 miles depending on how I feel after work. But based on the way that work is going today, I’m going to need a major stress buster tonight.

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